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Off-Duty Eagan Firefighter Revives Man at Work

March 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Chris Gustafson was working as a personal trainer at an Apple Valley gym when his training from the Eagan Fire Department paid off last month.

Gustafson was nearby when 66-year-old Randy Clausen collapsed after a game of raquetball at  L.A. Fitness on Feb. 15, ThisWeekLive reported.

Finding Clausen without a pulse, he began CPR as others at the gym grabbed an automatic defibrillator and oxygen. Gustafson worked on the man until emergency crews arrived and took over care and transported Clausen to the hospital.

“For me it was just what I was supposed to do,” Gustafson told ThisWeekLive. “There are other paramedics that are out there every day doing this, and they don’t get any recognition.”